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Leading an internal change campaign.

Informa approached us to create an animated character that could lead an internal change campaign to raise awareness and understanding of the importance of data protection.

Working closely with the Informa brand, communications and compliance teams we created ‘Infobot’, an instantly likeable character that could communicate a serious message in a memorable way across 25 different countries.

The film has been an unmitigated success. Before the rollout of Infobot, the Informa team conducted an internal survey showing that only 45% of staff members were aware of their data protection obligations. Following the release of Infobot, the survey was repeated, and the figure rose to 83%.

We’re also delighted that Infobot won gold for Animation at this year’s EVCOM Screen Awards, along with bronzes in the Education and Training categories, and was recently given an award of excellence by the Institute of Internal Communications (IoIC). In their appraisal the IoIC judges described the film as ‘brilliantly conceived, friendly, sensible and lovable…who would have thought reminding people of their IP obligations could be this much fun?’