Fantastic Journey

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Crafting a social video campaign.

Worldpay wanted to create an informative and entertaining film to clearly explain the digital payments journey in a way that would lend itself to a campaign across their social channels as well as on their website and at live events.

With a loving nod to 60s TV sci-fi series, we worked closely with the Worldpay brand and marketing team to develop a narrative and visual concept around the idea of the ‘Fantastic Journey’. 

This gave us the visual flexibility to bring to life the hidden aspects of digital payments and allowed us to develop a content campaign for Worldpay’s social channels, releasing a series of short clips, GIFs and images across Twitter and LinkedIn using the #letsdothis hashtag.

The film has helped to create Worldpay’s most successful digital marketing campaign to date, delivering higher than benchmark click-thru rates across all global territories and unprecedented levels of engagement for the brand.