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Bringing a brand to life.

Worldpay is a global leader in payments processing technology and solutions for all types of businesses, both big and small. We were asked by Worldpay to help them develop a more emotive story for film that would bring to life their brand vision: “to be the world’s most progressive and reliable payments partner, sharing insights and helping customers prosper.” The film needed to appeal to all levels of business – from a small start up to an established global player – as well as Worldpay’s employees and partners. It also needed to lend itself to a variety of channels and uses.

Our creative approach was to try and identify a universal business story – one that would ring true to any business at any stage of development, allowing us to create a film that would have wide emotional appeal. The one that stood out for us was taking a business idea ‘from napkin to global success’. We developed this into a 1’30’ film that shows a believable business partnership experiencing the ups and downs of business life when taking an idea into the real business world and ultimately into a promising vision of their future with Worldpay as their trusted partner of choice.

The film was launched successfully at Worldpay’s key global client event in Berlin – with over 200 of their top merchants in attendance – and is currently being distributed via their social media channels.