Community Fridges

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The Brief

Since 2013, Sainsbury’s has sent zero waste to landfill and part of this is due to sending edible food waste to local ‘Community Fridges’. The client team wanted a short, uplifting film to use on the Sainsbury’s corporate website, YouTube channel and Facebook page to publicise this activity more widely.

Our Thinking

We proposed a simple documentary approach, interviewing Sainsbury’s colleagues, local residents and community centre staff involved in a single fridge project. These interviews gave a warm authenticity to the film and were supplemented by fun, stop-motion style sequences which would also lend themselves to short edits for social channels.


Social campaign

As well as longer, 16:9 versions for Sainsbury’s website and YouTube channels, we also created shorter, caption-lead versions for use on Instagram Stories and Facebook as part of a sponsored campaign.