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Meat & Potatoes

Lovie Awards Winner - Unscripted Video
Creativepool Annual 2020 Winner - Production
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You got us and we had such a good time working with you. Thanks guys!

The Brief

Honest wanted us to develop a social-first approach to video around the idea of 'Meat & Potatoes' that would stand out from the crowd while staying true to Honest’s ethos – unvarnished and transparent.


We created 35 short films - from 10-15 second bites for use in feed to longer 90 second story edits - all themed around Meat, Potatoes or People and with the aim of providing Honest with a flexible suite of video content. These are currently being released across Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn as well as being used on the Honest website.

Our Thinking

We immersed ourselves in all things Honest - joining their staff induction day, visiting most of their restaurants, and going behind the scenes at their prep kitchen - to help us cast the films and identify Honest’s visible points of difference. Ultimately, we wanted to bring to life the people, processes and pride that have helped Honest succeed, creating short films that would stand out from the the usual 'burgerotica'.

Honest people

Our fly-on-the-wall approach to filming for Meat & Potatoes enabled us to capture 12 engaging short edits of between 15-30 seconds for use on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook that give a genuine insight into the passion, pride and personality of the people who make Honest tick.

Short bites

We created our own uniquely ‘Honest’ take on ‘burgerotica’ with a series of 12 mouth-watering short video snippets for use on Twitter and Instagram that bring to life their homemade approach to food.

Short stories

We also produced 12 engaging short stories between 15-30 seconds for use on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook that provide an unvarnished insight into the passion, pride and personality of Honest founders – Tom and Phil. These cover everything from keeping the meat juicy, to the first chip they ever made, to Tom’s likeness to an angry badger!

Potatoes & People

We created three longer films – Meat, Potatoes and People – to capture the detail of the Honest story. These are being used as part of staff inductions, on the Honest website and as their hub content on YouTube.

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