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We’re Gorilla Gorilla! A rare breed of intelligent production company.

We combine brave thinking, natural curiosity and a social outlook to produce film and animation that helps brands and businesses make powerful connections with their audiences.

Be Brave

We combine brave thinking with an intuitive understanding of our clients and their audiences to produce award-winning film and animation that stands out from the crowd.

Check out our Lovie Award winning series of short documentaries for Honest Burgers’ social channels and our EVCOM Award winning safety films for Eurostar.

Honest Burgers
Meat & Potatoes

Be mindful of safety

Be Curious

We’re unique in the amount of research we put into our film, animation and communications practice, our natural curiosity keeping us and our clients ahead of the pack.

Check out the latest instalment of our one-of-a-kind Awesome Animation! study into the very best of animated brand content and our most recent self-initiated OriGGinal project, ‘Life on Air’, a mini documentary about the UK CB Radio scene in the 70s and 80s that blends live action with animation.

Awesome Animation! 4

Life on Air

Be Social

A social outlook is all about making powerful connections, helping our clients make the most of their content on today’s channels.

Check out the series of videos we created for HSBC’s ‘Value of Education’ social campaign and our multi-award-winning viral hit ‘Lily’s Story’, a self-initiated OriGGinal user generated video project that’s had 8M+ views and counting.

Ashley’s story

Lily’s Story

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