Employer Brand

More retention, more talent, and more compelling stories of company culture to share with the world. It’s an ever-giving cycle of positive momentum that we help keep moving by bringing forward real stories from your people, imaginatively told on film.

What are today’s candidates looking for in an employer brand video?

In a recent CIPD employer brand study, 94% of potential employees say creativity in a brand is of prime importance. However in many employer brand videos, creativity is sadly missing. What you tend to get is a series of vague statements about the future alongside some generic shiny footage. Or perhaps just an endless array of user generated talking heads without any meaningful story. For today’s audiences, this just doesn’t cut the mustard.

How do we approach our employer brand video work?

Regardless of the creative approach, we believe it’s crucial that you underpin your employer brand filmmaking with a strong, genuine story. Whether that’s the big story of how you got to where you are now or a more focused story of someone from within the business, we believe it’s authenticity that makes the difference. We place this thinking at the heart of our video and animation work for employer brand.

Be Seen, Be Heard

Using a range of employee voices for The Body Shop

The Body Shop was looking to reconnect with the story of its activism roots and wanted to create a video that would appeal to existing and potential employees as well as customers. To achieve this, we recommended combining footage and photography from The Body Shop’s rich visual archive with an authentic narrative read by a diverse group of employees.

When it comes to employer brand videos, let your people do the talking

There’s no doubt that when it comes to authentic storytelling for employer brand, people respond to people. Hearing their stories in their own words is truly powerful. However, hearing their story whilst also seeing them in action in an authentic work setting is hard to beat.

Honest People

Behind the scenes with Honest Burgers

By embedding ourselves in the business, we were able to capture a truly authentic picture of what it’s like to work at Honest Burgers. From a shared love of shots and tattoos to a passion for great customer service and the best ingredients, we created an award-winning series of videos that helped to change perceptions about working for the company.