No place for the soapbox, we choose to show rather than tell. As seasoned storytellers, we’ll help you find and share your most powerful sustainability stories.

It’s all just greenwash, isn’t it?

Through our research, we’ve seen a lot of cliche in how video and animation is used to bring sustainability to life. We’ve also observed that a lot of brands and businesses don’t get beyond just making a big statement film about sustainability (as opposed to actually showing what they’re doing about it). For us, this is a missed opportunity to connect with what audiences are looking for.

Something that ‘teaches me something new’ and ‘allows me to dig deeper’ are 2 of the top 3 reasons that people watch online video.

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For videos about sustainability, the answer is to go deeper into the subject

To provide a more emotive connection – and provide more useful and inspiring content – the answer is to show sustainability in action. We place this thinking at the heart of our sustainability video and animation work.

Essential elements

Anglo American’s sustainable future

In this award-winning film, we used a personal profile of Catherine Reynolds, a Geologist with Anglo American, to craft a compelling, human story that communicates how copper is essential both for modern life and a lower-carbon future. Through day and night in a city, we follow Catherine as she observes the world and reflects on copper’s crucial place in it.

But what if I don’t have anything to show?

One of the problems when talking about sustainability is that often there isn’t much to show, meaning that many videos end up relying on the same old, same old climate stock footage cliches. For us, this is where animation comes into its own. Allowing you to untangle and explain some of the complexities around sustainability through a unique and flexible visual palette.

Climate Solutions

Launching a new partnership for HSBC

HSBC wanted to bring to life its new partnership with the World Resources Institute and the World Wildlife Fund and their aim to make new climate solutions more commercially viable. Animation allowed us to quickly explain the partnership and its aims in a way that avoided lapsing into climate cliché.