Life on Air

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In a Nutshell

In the late 70s and early 80s, CB Radio changed the lives of thousands of people in the UK and fostered a unique, predominantly working class, subculture that is now mostly forgotten. Using a rich mixture of archive, interview and animation, Life on Air explores our universal desire to connect through the rise and fall of the UK’s first social media channel.

The Process

We combined all aspects of our in-house talent to bring together the different elements to tell this story.

Research and Casting: The bedrock of any great documentary film, we undertook extensive research to cast three former UK breakers’ to tell us their stories: ‘Fruitcake’ aka Jenny, ‘Southerner’ aka Peter, and ‘Sergeant Rock’ aka Alan.

Animation: We developed an animation style that felt unique and appropriate to the era, taking inspiration from old-school animation pioneers like John Whitney.

Archive: With limited opportunities to film, we scoured regional and national footage archives to source archive material that would bring the CB era to life. 

Our Inspiration

Our inspiration for the film came from the book ‘Eyeball Cards’ – The Art of British CB Radio Culture by award-winning photographer David Titlow and author Will Hogan.