Brand Marketing

We believe that authenticity is the soul of an effective film. It’s also the way to deliver messages that always find the heart. Your people and their stories are central to that – all wrapped in a production that’s on-point and on-brand.

We believe in style and substance

For us, it’s all about being authentic and story-driven rather than just relying on a visual box of tricks. It’s about being visually stylish without letting that kill the thing that people gravitate to – people. Not only does this produce video content with broad, long-lasting appeal, it also provides opportunities to create a suite of creative assets in a cost-effective way that allow you to be truly channel savvy.


Relaunching a flagship product for The Body Shop

We told the story of the passionate people behind one of The Body Shop’s key products to relaunch its new name, providing a suite of authentic campaign content. From mini documentaries for use on YouTube and in-store, to short bites for Instagram and TikTok, to photography for wider promotional use.

How do you avoid style over substance?

With the absence of an authentic story or real people, there is a danger that brand marketing work slips into the usual mode of style over substance. However, even with the glossiest of subject matter, you can still be authentic in ways that will help to create content with lasting impact.

When in Rome...

Capturing The Dorchester Collection’s authentic style

We cast a group of real employees and stylish, local Romans to allow us to capture a naturalistic snapshot of the unique atmosphere, food, and drink on offer at an ultra-luxury hotel.