Meat & Potatoes

A social-first approach to video that stands out from the crowd.

Now more than ever, using video to showcase an organisation's true self to both customers and potential employees is of crucial importance.

We immersed ourselves in all things Honest – joining their staff induction day, visiting their restaurants, and going behind the scenes at their prep kitchen – to help us identify Honest’s visible points of difference and to cast employees to feature in a series of videos. Ultimately, we wanted to bring to life the people, processes and pride that have helped Honest succeed, creating a suite of short social videos that would stand out from the the usual ‘burgerotica’.

You got us and we had such a good time working with you. Thanks guys!

Head of Marketing

We created 35 short films – from 10-15 second bites for use in feed or in paid campaigns to longer 90 second story edits for LinkedIn and YouTube – all themed around Meat, Potatoes or People and with the aim of providing Honest with a flexible suite of video content to attract both customers and employees.