Relaunching a flagship product with a new name and sustainable credentials.

The Body Shop wanted to show the passionate people and sustainable practices behind a key ingredient.

Renamed after its key ingredient – Edelweiss – we decided to create a series of films from the flower’s eye view, taking the viewer from growth through to production, whilst explaining its unique capabilities and meeting the passionate growers and scientists who make it possible.

This approach gave us a unique visual way to show the edelweiss flower being grown and harvested in its natural environment – where it develops its amazing ability to withstand extreme environmental conditions – as well as the sustainable farming practices and ‘green chemistry’ used to produce the Edelweiss extract that goes into The Body Shop’s products.

‘You nailed it, you really understand our brand.’

Head of Campaigns

We produced a range of campaign content from a single shoot – from social shorts to a main documentary to in-store video to campaign photography.