Inspiring STEM Careers

Launching a major new DEI initiative

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Capturing the personal, professional and emotional power of mentoring

Global pharmaceutical company, GSK, is launching a 10-year investment programme to inspire the next generation of UK STEM (science, technology, engineering, and maths) talent with a focus on reaching people from under-represented groups. In particular, the aim is to reduce the significant barriers to entry faced by women and young girls, people from lower socio-economic backgrounds and minority communities, which limit STEM career opportunities and contribute to the lack of diversity in STEM sectors. The main way this will be achieved is through a programme of mentoring.

To spearhead a launch event at London’s Science Museum, GSK identified the need for a genuinely emotive film that would capture the personal and professional power of mentoring. To achieve this, we staged a surprise interview set up whereby mentees are interviewed while, unbeknownst to them, their mentors watch and comment in a hidden room. Our mentors surprise our mentees mid interview, concluding our film on an authentic emotional high.

Everybody loves the film, and we’ve received fantastic feedback from the event, colleagues and our wider network.

Head of Communications and Government Affairs, Inclusion & Diversity

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