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Training films and explainers are boring, right?

Sadly, some of them are truly shocking. Whether it’s a subpar corporate drama or a bunch of poorly designed and animated information. The old days of having a guaranteed captive audience locked in a training room are long gone too. For us, it’s important to recognise that audiences are not only time poor but also highly televisually literate. They demand good quality video content regardless of the context.

How do you avoid making a boring training film or explainer?

For us, it’s about finding ways of making films that colleagues actually want to watch – something with visual panache and a dash of humour, something that plays with their expectations. In essence, it’s about bringing a high level of creative craft to bear.

Mindful Safety

Making safety stand out for Eurostar

We helped Eurostar reduce slips, trips and falls both onboard and in stations. A fun, high quality animated treatment combined with a light-hearted script allowed us to use a refreshing lightness of touch that really stands out from the crowd. We’re delighted to say it picked up a few awards en route too.


Aim for the funny bone

Humour might not seem like the obvious choice for an explainer or a training video, but it can be a great way of playing with an audiences expectations to get them to engage in the first place (especially those who might be sceptical about a message) and to then make a message more memorable.

How to Wow!

Inspiring top notch service for Sainsbury’s

We crafted a tongue in cheek script that played with the audiences expectations to help us frame scenes of great customer service to inform and inspire colleagues. This approach raised a smile from the outset and turned a dry message into something that kept everyone talking.