Money needs to be connected

Communicating a new brand story following a major acquisition.

Simplifying complexity for a range of audiences

FIS needed a series of short films to bring to life their role and ambition as an aspirational FinTech business that powers the world’s economy. As a large, complex organisation with a diverse set of services across three distinct business units – payments, banking and finance – the films needed to clearly communicate each area of expertise to overcome any potential confusion and to make future conversations easier for both internal and external audiences.

Avoiding global tech company cliches

The challenge from the client team was to create a unified set of films – an overview and a short film about each of their three business areas – with a distinct look and feel that avoided the usual global tech company cliches whilst allowing us to tell an interlinked story of global connections. To solve this, we came up with the idea of creating a series of physical sets in a large studio space that we could move between using fluid camera movement. This approach brought to life the core brand promise of connections as well as FIS’ diverse client base and services in a unique way.