Awesome Animation! 4

A unique study

Now in its fourth year, our one of a kind Awesome Animation! survey scours the digital channels of 250 of the best brands and businesses to find those that are harnessing the power of animation to create stand out content. Scroll down for the highlights or to download a PDF of the latest tips and trends to inform your next project.

Flexible friend

Why is animation such a powerful tool? We think that the medium’s strength is its wonderful flexibility both in telling stories and in simplifying complexity while also having the visual spark and crossover appeal that can cut-through the clutter on social channels.

The big trends

Our year-on-year research means we can assess things over the long-term and, since our first edition, it seems word of the power of animation has spread. The number of companies using animation has almost trebled – of the 250 companies surveyed this year, only 7 companies in our survey group are using no animation at all.

Top Thirty

This year’s top 30 is topped by Google. By expanding their visual and narrative pallet for animation, they have produced a wonderful, diverse array of content across a wide variety of subjects. Their use of animation across social channels is also second to none.

Best film

Our panel of judges chose ‘Toilets Change Lives’ by Andrex, a powerful illustrated film about water access in developing countries, as this year’s best animation.

Naughty list

Bad news: the zombie hordes are spreading! We’ve observed that many brands and businesses often resort to bland, off-the-shelf, character design, made worse by static or lifeless animation. Animation does indeed have the power to cut through – but not if it looks lifeless and generic.

Make 'em laugh

A lighter touch can go a long way with animation. To grab an audience’s attention or help them to retain information, humour can help your films reach new heights – especially for content which might otherwise be a little complex or dry. Two brands in particular from our survey stood out with their intelligent use of humour: Samsung and Tetrapak.

Being Awesome!

With our top 5 tips, we help our clients to produce original and effective animation that truly engages their target audience. Click on the link below to download PDF highlights of our study, along with access to some of the best work to inspire your thinking, or email if you’d like to chat about how we can support you in using animation to make a powerful connection with your audiences.


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