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The Brief

Seven Investment Management (7IM) believe that in order to help their clients achieve their financial goals, they have to first understand what their clients’ broader needs and desires are – and they wanted to carry this ethos through to a new set of films to help attract prospective clients. They asked us to produce films that would make the prospective clients feel that ‘7IM get me and my life’ across four key demographics.


Filmed on bright backgrounds inspired by the brand colours, these straight-to-camera interviews are completely honest and have helped 7IM stand out from the investment crowd as part of a campaign across their social channels.

Our Thinking

We went through an extensive casting process to find four high net worth individuals that matched 7IM’s key demographics - an entrepreneur, a divorcee, an experienced and successful professional, a property investor and someone who has come into an inheritance. We then interviewed them about their hopes, plans, needs, fears and challenges for the future – and how money and investment fit into all of them.

Campaign content

We produced a variety of content from a single shoot to support 7IM’s campaign as cost effectively as possible, including multiple story edits and an overview.