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The Brief

Worldpay wanted to make a more emotional connection with their customer audiences - from large global merchants, such as Sony or Emirates Airlines, to smaller SMEs on UK high streets. We also needed to create something that would be more than a ‘one hit wonder’ - lending itself to a brand campaign across social channels and live events.


The film redefined the way Worldpay talk to their prospects and customers about the business and became their most successful digital campaign that year.

Our Thinking

We devised an aspirational and emotive ‘universal story’ of business life that would resonate with and appeal to all audiences - taking a business idea from ‘napkin to global expansion’ - that also mirrored the journey Worldpay aspires to take with its clients. We also included filming techniques and scenes that would lend themselves to short cut downs for use across social channels.

Social content

We created a series of short edits for LinkedIn as well as Twitter friendly GIFs using the stop motion sequences from the film to support a wider brand-awareness campaign.